“Hannah provided a very thorough review of documents for my new psychotherapy practice. I feel much more confident in using them based on your work. Also, you were very helpful in brainstorming different options and ideas when I wasn’t sure which direction to go, including providing a legal perspective on the different possibilities.”

In less than an hour, you'll have advice and direction that you can put to work. For many clients, this single consultation is enough to resolve their issue without any further legal assistance. Here are some of the things we may accomplish during your Legal Consultation:

  • Strategize your legal options
  • Explain your legal rights
  • Give an opinion on the strength of a case or argument
  • Refer you to other experts
  • Create a basic plan of action
  • Draft critical language for letters, contracts, and/or other needed documents
  • Review your draft of a letter or other document
“Hannah is timely, professional, and provides excellent guidance.”

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