Identify risks. Implement solutions. Get back to business.

Oregon's schools, nonprofits, and small businesses face more liability and legal risks than ever. Liability is part of every great endeavor, but most organizations either overlook the risks involved with their work, or they let fear of liability control their every move.

Neither approach gets your organization where it needs to be.

At Legal Risk Solutions, we help you mitigate your legal risks so your organization can move forward and maximize its ambition. We take a balanced approach. You explain your goals, we discuss the options, and together we implement solutions that get you back to business.

Clients say...

"Hannah is timely, professional, and provides excellent guidance."

"Hannah provided a very thorough review of documents for my new psychotherapy practice. I feel much more confident in using them based on your work. Also, you were very helpful in brainstorming different options and ideas when I wasn't sure which direction to go, including providing a legal perspective on the different possibilities."


An attorney with a background in employment law and risk management, Hannah Vasey-Vehrs, JD, ARM, has a passion to prepare and protect organizations so they can reach their full potential.

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Manage risks, control liability, and get back to business with Hannah's legal and risk management services, including independent investigations, estate planning, employment law, training, policies and procedures expertise, and more.

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